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Presidio Performing Arts Foundation


PPAF was founded in 1998 to preserve, enhance and present dance, music, and theatre traditions in their historical context, enhancing the public’s knowledge and appreciation of peoples and art forms from across the globe. By celebrating a multiplicity of artistic traditions, PPAF nurtures community vitality, and in sharing the collective wisdom of worldwide cultures promotes compassion for humanity. 


As a proud educational partner of the National Park Service, the Presidio Performing Arts Center (PPAC) was one of the earliest residents of the park when it was turned over to the NPS. In 2011, PPAC moved into its new home in the Presidio, a magnificent 1770s building which boasts expansive views of the San Francisco Bay and holds historic preservation status. We envision our new center as a home to all artists, and we invite you to join us at the nexus of culture and community, where ethnic traditions cross-pollinate for an authentic American experience.


Flanked by national forest and urban wilderness, Presidio Performing Arts Center is an ideal artists oasis, and a spectacular venue for adults, children and families to participate in the arts. We are a professional dance company of international artists, a pre-professional youth company, and a school-offering community programs to students of all ages. 

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